Am I Trying To Keep Hold Of My Youth?

28 Aug

So at the age of 28, I certainly wouldn’t be considered an old man, I wouldn’t even be considered a middle aged one, so why the question? Something about approaching 30 has recently made me wonder about other people’s perceptions of the things I do. Not in the kind of way that would ever make me want to stop doing these things but just as a point of conversation. For example, I have recently taken up Skateboarding for the second time in my life, but the first time I had this hobby I was considered a child, now I am an adult, I have been told by clearly small minded people that I’m being a child by doing it. Which makes me think, maybe by doing these things I am trying to cling on to being young for as long as I can?

I don’t personally feel as though I’m getting old, but obviously certain things happen, pain lasts a little longer, I can’t throw my fists quite as quick and worst of all, my hangovers seem to take longer to get over. But this is all a natural part of getting older and I feel quite content with how my body reacts to things. I may not be at the peak of my physical condition but I’m certainly not out of my prime years either, I’m a young man. So why would doing something like Skateboarding carry with it, this stigma that I’m being a child? Could a single one of you reading explain how it’s any more childish to do this sport than it is to play football as an adult? Thought not.

I also intended to take up Boxing again this summer, nothing heavy, but some light training leaving it open to the idea of maybe fighting. This idea has been met with a completely different reaction from my peers, I’m not getting called a child that’s for sure. So why is it that if someone is punching me in the face to cause them bruises instead of face planting concrete, it is no longer childish? Strange thought process, wouldn’t you agree old sport?
So my main thoughts behind doing these things is to get fitter than I am, as fit as you can be whilst being intimate with cigarettes and alcohol and having no interest in giving up the love of my life. I don’t feel as if I need to hold on to anything from my youth, I’m probably happier at this moment in time than I was when I was a teenager, and I definitely enjoy things more. I may have more responsibility, more questions, more answers, more bills, more gripes, more knowledge and more more more. But nothing that makes me ever wish for more youth. If anything, I find a lot of people under the age of 20 to be fucking idiots and I still find it shocking I was once one of them.

So up to now, the answer the to this question would be No, but I am asking it for a reason? Could it be my cousins and brother are all becoming adults, but still just under that age it wouldn’t be considered odd for us to hang out? Or maybe the fact students are so damn fine to look at, pervert, but are just young enough for it to be considered weird to be hitting it with a near 30 year old? I couldn’t say for sure whether I am trying to keep hold of my youth or not to be honest. Would getting over excited about anything remotely meaningless be considered childish, you know, like the way a lot of us rant and rave at the TV because of a football match or change we have absolutely no control over. Which is exactly what my 3 year old son does when I’ve told him ‘he is not to do something.’.
Does this make the average football fan, let alone the fanatical football fan, childish?
Yes it probably does, but as it’s a common thing on such a large scale, it rarely comes in for the same kind of criticism as an adult going out on a Skateboard.

I’ve never understood really, why so many of us, myself included, get so worked up about our football team or any other sporting event really but I have to admit that watching these things gives me a feeling as good as any I’ve experienced outside of that moment. I also get this feeling landing a trick for the first time, playing that song live for the first time, kissing that girl, winning that bet, seeing Floyd Mayweather lose (I assume seeing this will be as good anyway.), along with a list too long to consider adding to this 800 word or so piece in which I have said ‘not’ a great deal. This started with a serious question in my mind but has gradually just been talked into a silly question with some silly responses. I’m 28 for fuck sake, so what if I skateboard, so what if I love football, boxing and get like a 14 year old school girl when I hear a new Noel Gallagher record. People, so what if you’re 78 and still love these things, well maybe not these exact things, but even if you did, so the fuck what?
Who cares if people only have irreverent comments and contemptible feelings towards the thing you love. At least we are enjoying being ourselves.

Thanks for reading people and until next time, be good to each other!

Peace and Love.

James. x


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