Stop Telling Me It’s Bad For Me…….. I Know!

1 Mar

Alcohol and tobacco are related to more people dying then just about anything else going, but it would be pointless for me to talk about that as you can open just about any newspaper, turn on almost any TV channel, on any day, just about anywhere in the world and be told this. Smoking Kills, hell, it even tells you on the cigarettes themselves. Drink responsibly, or lose friends and maybe get raped or even die, adverts of this nature irritate the fuck out of me. I’m not trying to make any sort of case against this, just a case for those of us that smoke and drink that are made to feel guilty for the completely legal choices we’ve made.

Well if the government actually cared about any of you getting ill from smoking or living amongst smokers, they’d make it illegal, but they haven’t (yet), so quit whining and deal with it, we already have very few places we’re allowed to partake in this very calming past time as it is, without the ‘Everything except lentils and lettuce is bad for you’ group trying to force us outside. Not even outside is enough space for some. Go away and leave me alone, my smoking is my choice. No one forced a cigarette into my mouth, I knew the dangers of it when I took that 1st glorious puff, I still know the dangers and I enjoy it even more now then I did then. I don’t need to be reminded of them every time I light up a smooth smoke. Not much for me beats the instant calm I feel when I inhale them poisonous chemicals or often relieving feeling I get when worried or nervous. I enjoy it, and if I choose to do it, that’s my problem, not yours, don’t stand next to me when I’m outside if you don’t like it, I’m not allowed inside, so fuck off telling me to stand somewhere else, you stand somewhere else. I don’t feel guilt when you all show me these adverts or tell me someone has cancer or you have chest problems, I have sympathy for some of you and maybe empathy one day, but none of these issues are my fault, so who do you think you are to try and make someone feel guilty about it? You are the evil ones, trying to make people feel bad for doing something that, if they wish to, is their right. This is usually a religious habit, so leave it with them. I certainly wouldn’t expect anyone to feel guilty if I ever get an illness helped along by my habits.

If the numbers you see for deaths caused don’t stop you from starting, that’s up to you. I am in no way making out it’s healthy or doesn’t destroy some peoples lives, in fact its worse for us than a lot of the drugs that are illegal, marijuana for example, we can smoke that too, but it doesn’t contribute to us getting cancer, cause heart disease, make your lungs black or anything bad a cigarette will do to you, the only thing in most joints killing you, is the tobacco. Bong! So really, don’t give me lectures about my health, it’s my health. I am more than capable of reading, I went to school, I’ve been told from a very early age how bad it is for me. My personal favourite smoke of the average day is the one I’ll have with a coffee, between breakfast and lunch, more often than not it’s my 1st of the day. Have you ever smelt someone’s breath that drinks coffee a lot? I can assure you, that smell is worse than cigarette breath. Most teachers have breath like arse, due to coffee not smoking. And if you are moaning about the cost to the NHS, again, that’s not my fault either, make it illegal and take them out of the shops, don’t moan at me. Those of you that moan at me but still drink in excess, you people are the biggest hypocrites of all, usually former smokers yourselves, you think as you don’t smoke, but used to, you are somehow above me in the social spectrum. You are not, you are a twat.


420393_121910267936810_1271230038_nwho doesn’t enjoy a drink? There are some apparently, I’m not one of them. I might not like some people when they’re drunk, I don’t really like my memory of me much when drunk. But I like doing it, I like getting smashed, making plans that’ll never happen, i like getting drunk and having the night take a turn for better or worse depending on a whole variety of things. Mood, place, company, mood of company, the company in certain places changed ever more with different moods. By all means tell someone you think they’re a bit of a nob when they’re drunk, but who are you to tell them they cant get drunk? Again this is a choice we make for ourselves, but drinking has different affects on people so I guess this is the reason people have different opinions on it. The thing people say I hate more then anything though has to be this, “You can have a drink by all means, but you don’t have to get drunk.” Well no shit, but i like getting drunk and what would be the point in putting alcohol in my body if it’s going to have no affect. That’s why we drink it. If you don’t believe me, find me a person that’s never tasted lager, get them to try it, then ask them what they thought of the taste. Some people drink too much, so what, do what you want people. If it’s legal, why not indulge, how can you make laws against something that isn’t against the law? This drives me nuts this one, drunk and disorderly. No, disorderly, not drunk, it wasn’t against the law for this person to consume alcohol. No one gets arrested outside McPizza King for being obese and disorderly. Different tolerance levels of people obviously cause different stages of drunk, but one can of rubbish American lager might have you off and away, so how is it possible to be an offense to be drunk. If a pub doesn’t want to serve you after they’ve happily taken your money to get in the state you’re in, that is their choice, often a stupid one in my experience bar the odd aggressive, often Irish, client that thinks he should be entitled to whatever he demands. Which reading that back he sort of has a point, note to self, no aggression when trying to convince bar staff to serve you.

You don’t see adults hanging around street corners getting drunk and causing trouble, with the exception of the Williams Clan and co, but most are not. So this isn’t really an issue, people fighting, well personally i think anyone that tells you violence doesn’t solve anything has clearly never had a fight. That’s not to justify some of the things that happen, but you’re hardly going to talk out your friend sleeping with your current girlfriend, who cares if it’s an ex? They’re an Ex for a reason, deal with it. Anyway back to the topic in hand, it’s bad for you yes, often bad for anyone not joining in too, but if you don’t like drunk people don’t go to the pub, if you don’t like smokers but like drinking, stay inside the pub, it’s that easy.

I don’t feel the need to tell anyone to stop doing anything that’s up to them, I can call anyone an idiot if I wish to and often do, but have no authority over peoples rights as human beings. Just like none of you have any over me. If you don’t want people to smoke or drink I’m afraid there is two words here that answer your calls perfectly; tuff shit. Trying to make people feel guilty or scared to do something is what keeps people down, and this is exactly what these adverts and articles are trying to do. You are not going to get raped because you’re drunk, you might lose friends when you’re drunk, but if they are your friends you wouldn’t lose them over being drunk. Your confidence will possibly be higher whilst drunk, so you could well do more dangerous things, but you could also find out you have a voice like Otis Redding, so swings and roundabouts really. In my opinion people should be free to pretty much do whatever they like as long as they aren’t murdering and raping, and actively trying to hurt people, although I do think idiots should have to wear gags in public, by idiots I mean people that insist on filling my newsfeed on Facebook with that poxy word game, the one with the four pictures as a clue to the word. If you can’t play it, delete it. Or people that think reading Katie Price’s autobiography means they read, X Factor fans and fully grown people that talk about soap operas, NO, just NO. You shouldn’t be allowed a platform to say your piece unless its in the shed at the bottom of a garden in the Scottish Highlands, but feel free to smoke and drink if you wish.

Thank you once again people for reading, join me again soon for something else and until then, be good to each other.

Peace and Love People.

James, x


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