Why Is There Acceptance Of Casual Racism?

14 Feb

Why is it, when a person over a certain age quite blatantly uses a racial slur, it’s said that it’s their generation, so therefore acceptable? Or why, when certain words used for food from different parts of the world are still regularly said, no one bats an eyelid? Surely I’m not alone in thinking this behaviour is somewhat out dated and should not be tolerated!

When I hear a phrase like, ‘Oh it’s their age, a different generation!’ My initial thought is usually, when did age become protection from consequence when doing something morally wrong? Unless your two years old, you should have been taught what is right and what is wrong, but this particular example is apparently ok because the offender claims a pension? Was it not offensive in 1953 to call a black person a monkey? I’m sure if you were to ask a black person of a ‘different generation’, they’ll tell you it was extremely offensive then and still is today, regardless of how old the person saying it is. I’m sure my slightly disabled Granddad wouldn’t appreciate me calling him peg leg! But for whatever reason, this excuse is still bandied around like some kind of Boris Bike. It’s not as if it can be compared to a bladder problem, which causes them to piss themselves in public, where this ‘age’ excuse is also often used. The problem prevents them from being able to do anything about the embarrassing incontinence that has just occurred. I don’t think a loose tongue can be the medical reason some pensioners say the most outrageous things in public, can it?

It also baffles me when people think their grandparents being racist is sweet, I’m pretty certain racism is never sweet. Most of these people themselves, would never dream of saying some of the things I’ve heard, but still find it fairly amusing, why? Elderly people swearing, losing their teeth whilst talking, struggling to get to the shops in the wind, calling you by their dogs name by mistake, etc., etc., these things are amusing. Calling the Asian boy down the shop Abdul because its the only Asian name they know, is not. I’m not saying jokes on race can’t be funny, jokes of any kind are often derogatory by definition, but there is a line between a joke on race, and a racist joke. Some things are just fundamentally wrong, this is one of them things.

We’re getting to a point in time now where not many of the people that fought in WW2, let alone WW1, are even alive anymore. A Libertines song has the lyric, ‘He’s proud we beat the Nazi’s, but he hates blacks and queers, how queer?’  Which pretty much sums my feelings up. Also, how old exactly do you have to be before your disregard for people of a different ethnicity, is deemed acceptable? The answer to this question should have one answer, but i am about 99% sure the same things will be said about us into our twilight years, for referring to dwarves as little people or calling anyone other than the actual given name for what ever it is you’re referring to. I’m not bashing all old people here, not by any means, just the acceptance a small percentage of society has for this behaviour.

But it’s not just a small amount of old that suffer from this very wrong mind set, I myself, before i grew a pair and decided I’m going to think for myself, used to say some horrible things, and probably damaged a lot of relationships with people. I was young, impressionable, naive and felt if people in my social circles at the time, even family members, were acting this way, then it must be ok. I was wrong and am in no way trying to excuse my very narrow minded past. Coming from a working class family, mostly based in London, the multi cultural capital of the world, it amazes me that people think like this. But even there, particularly in the suburbs it still appears to be common practice. I’ve been to a lot of places in Britain, so can only really talk of my experiences here, but small towns in rural counties seem to breed it. It’s something I’m pretty sure will always be a part of the make up in these places, like gravy to a northerner, but this doesn’t make it ok. I am unable to hide my discomfort any longer when i hear people telling shit jokes, or just saying things for the sake of it, unless people actually stand up to it, it will definitely never be exterminated from our thought process. Everyone is judgemental on some level, for example, I feel organised religion should be outlawed along with faith schools and the teaching, of religious scriptures as true. The difference being of course, I have available years and years of evidence and scientific hypotheses to support this motion, where as using the word ‘chinky’ to refer to Chinese food is just damn right ignorant. People reading this will still say it nonetheless. I will no doubt be accused of being a prude, a lefty, a party pooper, a supporter of political correctness gone mad. I’d rather that, than be called an ignoramus. The quickest way to find one of these people that find it acceptable, other than the obvious, is hearing things like ‘I’m not racist, i have a black friend.’ The sign of a completely clear conscience….

The list of things people say that are deemed acceptable seems endless sometimes, but any amount should be considered too many in my mind. I can’t think of a single decent reason why any of these should be accepted, just because in the 70/80’s there were awful programs depicting it as ok, apparently some of these were sitcoms too. In case you hadn’t realised it’s 2013, granted people are walking around in some suspect looking shirts and trousers, but i can assure you it’s definitely 2013. Joking in your own living room amongst your friends is ultimately up to you, but this is about the public perception, not the fascist opinions you may have in private, which I highly doubt I could ever change with a blog. I’m just telling you that you, are an idiot. So at the end of the day, how ever old you may happen to be, saying these idiotic things that people say, is exactly that. Maybe you could spare a thought for how it makes anyone else around you feel when in public, as you seem quite intent on projecting yourself as an uneducated moron. The other ones that wind me up, are you idiots that bang on about foreigners being here, so what if they are? Would you not want to better yourself if you could, because this is ultimately what they are doing. Benefits are besides the point, because it wasn’t these people that decided the structure of our benefit system. If you’re going to hate, at least hate the actual people responsible.

Can you honestly tell me if you lived in a place where the quality of life was worse than here, and had the opportunity to make it better by moving somewhere else, you wouldn’t do it? I don’t believe you would be able to. Bear in mind also, that they have often left everything and everyone they know. By slating the people that have moved here for that reason, makes you look a fool. The jobs you are so quick to accuse them of taking off of British people, the jobs like toilet cleaning in hospitals, winkle picking, chicken factories, the jobs that you quite clearly wanted for yourself. Are you annoyed by the people that come here to study that end up staying?

At the end of it, I’m not saying that immigration doesn’t cause any problems, but what right does this give anyone to dismiss a whole group of people, to brand people as scum, or the reason their life is somehow made worse. Obviously if people abuse their reasons for being here then them particular individuals will be dealt with, if our immigration or justice system doesn’t satisfy your taste for these people doing wrong, again this isn’t that persons issue. People are too quick to jump on a media bandwagon of discrimination, the extremely small minority of Muslim’s burning a flag, or poppies for example, is a completely over hyped media stunt. What about the British residents shouting scum ect., at any of these events where it seems to happen. If you were to pan the camera out on these things happening, you’d see about 10 people involved, 10 people out of how many? If you think joining the EDL or following any of these equally disgusting idiots is the right thing to do, I think you need to re asses your life and what’s actually important, because it isn’t this. I’m not a sympathiser with people of Islam, or anyone else, including British people with their moronic views. I just know there are more important things going on. You are just proselytising, along with radical religious nut’s and should be aware of how you look and sound and my peripheral musings are here to rant, joke, amuse, moan and inform if needs be.

Again thank you for reading people,

Peace and Love,

Talk again soon, maybe about something a bit lighter next time.

James. x


One Response to “Why Is There Acceptance Of Casual Racism?”

  1. kerry February 14, 2013 at 11:38 am #

    Well said that man! x

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