2012: A Very, Very Brief Look At The Year Passed!

18 Jan

2012…….. Another piss poor year for the Coalition Government here in the UK, seemingly going out of there way to piss poor people off, as if the poorest people anywhere in the world aren’t pissed off enough already. But it turns out, everyone is skint, apart from them economies that live in religion free countries. UK+px
Then the very same people, well the Sun readers amongst them, pretend they give a shit about the Jubilee celebrations, with ridiculous comments such as ‘Ain’t it good we got a monarchy….’? Asked in such a manner that once I’ve figured out they’re making a statement and not asking a question, my only response is ‘Why??’ answered with an equally ridiculous ‘Well…. Look at all the Tourism they bring in, loads a money that!!’. I just turn, look at their Sun newspaper, smile, finish my beer and either, ask them one on sport, or promptly leave!
Other than having a day off, I didn’t hear a single decent reason why it was a good thing?

A dead Nonce everyone, except Esther Rantzen (Founder of Child line, ironically) knew was a Nonce, was outed as a Nonce!

As if it was ever questioned!

As if it was ever questioned!

Meanwhile in the States, Barrack ‘Yes We Can, but Haven’t Yet’ Obama got another 4years to continue his Yes We Can Brand. Which joking aside is actually a really good thing, and even being British I can hand on heart honestly say, thank fuck that Mormon bloke didn’t win!! obama_yes_we_can
Hopefully the right man is in the job to do something about some very ridiculous gun laws, following yet another year with tragedies caused by nutters with firearms!

The UK was struck by Wiggo fever, even though no one outside the cycling world had ever heard of him, followed by Olympic Wiggo fever. I’m taking nothing away from the guy; it’s an amazing achievement to become the biggest thing in cycling, especially as the biggest thing in cycling is grassed up by everyone in the sport for being a drugs cheat. I expect Cycling to be all over the back pages this year……….. A big well done to all the athletes that did their respective nations proud.

Last orders in Stratford!!

Last orders in Stratford!!

The Racist Pricks that killed Stephen Lawrence were finally convicted. Todays-Daily-Mail-front-p-009

The last Galapagos Tortoise died. The sole surviving giant Galapagos tortoise known as Lonesome George walks away from a pool on Santa Cruz island
Some mental bloke named after cat food jumped from the edge of space and free fell for over 4 minutes, it was amazing, and made Red Bull over $100,000,000; you read that right, over One Hundred Million Dollars.



Maybe Red Bull could build a few huts, or feed a couple of people, maybe even help out the people affected by natural disasters like Sandy. But I would imagine there’s more chance of Phillip Green paying taxes in the UK. phil-green-no-tax

Greece is a long way from how Aristotle saw the place, along with Spain joining them in protesting against the Governments that have landed them in this economic crisis. At least they’re rioting for a cause and not for leisure wear. Look at Egypt, 2 years ago, overthrowing a government. Greece-cracking

Why are people so excited by a Royal baby? I fail to see what’s exciting about it, it’s not even that exciting having your own. Don’t misunderstand me. I love my son more than anything, but it wasn’t exciting waiting for him to arrive, once he did, that was emotional, but I don’t remember excitement being one of the main emotions. It’s Them Sun Readers at it again, more than likely joined by Daily Mail readers. Surely it’s about time we reconsidered why the Royals are even there? They disgust me!

The Football season came to an amazing end, depending on which side of Manchester you would rather see win the League, it happened to be the blue side that won the league with what was almost the final kick of a ball for the season. My team Tottenham Hotspur made me think it was possible to challenge for the title until January when they decided they didn’t fancy winning for nearly 15 games on the trot. But it’s a funny old game, and after losing 2 of our best players, I thought the new year would just bring misery, but it would appear, after the shambled sacking of the one and only Harry Redknapp, that Andre Villa Boas seems to have a bit of a clue when it comes to ‘22 borderline rapists, kicking an inflated pigs bladder into, what is essentially, an outdoor cupboard.’.



Justice for those 96 Liverpool fans that died at Hillsborough finally seems to be happening too. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/the-northerner/2012/sep/13/hillsborough-disaster-sheffield

Boxing saw a couple of big deaths to the sport, which is always sad to see in a sport I absolutely love. Amir Khan saw his hopes of a super fight evaporate after being knocked out by a punch to the forehead in a fight he should never have been in any trouble with if you believe the hype, and if he thinks fighting Molina, who I might add, had to come up a weight and is not known to be a puncher in his natural weight, is going to get Mayweather to fight him, then he really must be dreaming. British heavyweight boxing was brought into disrepute by its 2 biggest stars, both of whom to me from the outside, seem to care more about fame then they do boxing anyway, so hardly a shock there.
The extremely talented Liam Walsh had to pull out of a World title shot due to an accident,

Gutted for Liam!!

Gutted for Liam!!

while the current Champ, Ricky Burns, has landed a tasty bout in Vasquez (I’m aware that’s been arranged this year).
I’ll stop with the boxing now, as I’ll end up just writing an essay on the sport. More Boxing blogs to follow.

Also, I’d hate to guess at how many times I had to Google a name I didn’t know, only to find out nearly everyone I know, watches the shittest of shit TV, I know who won X-Factor and which soap characters died. All thanks to my idiot associates broadcasting these things as news via there social networking. I also know what the people watching these shows had for dinner most nights and how many times they attempted to make an omelette.
But even though the ‘I just wanna be famous, regardless of any talent I don’t have’ Factor was beamed into a stupid amount of homes, there was some light on the horizon, Bands I saw smashing it in different capacities over the last year: Temples, Howling Ghost, Garda and Life in Film, ok I saw Life in Film before last year, but had to be mentioned again. Please do check these bands out, all can be found on soundcloud with a couple having EP’s available at all good local iTunes stores.

My last gripe about the year is the price of illegal narcotics. I know we’re in a recession, but Man come on. I buy weed to relax, not to want to punch you in the throat when you charge me £10 per g, but usually still underweight! FUCKERS!



We’re nearly a month into the New Year, a month of breaking resolutions and making promises to yourself and others, with the best intentions of keeping them, but as we all know, come what? May? You’ll either be trying to justify why certain things haven’t unfolded the way you would have hoped. To yourself or some other poor schmuck. Or, you’ll be trying to convince yourself or some other poor schmuck that you’re still on track with the self gratifying promises/ resolutions you made.

I hope you enjoyed my 1st little blog here, a lot more to follow, This, in no particular order, was an exceptionally brief rundown of how I, through eyes hazed and glazed, saw the year 2012 and January 2013.

Peace and Love people, Talk soon.




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